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Expert Sharpening and Reconditioning Services

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

At Max the Knife Sharpening in Virginia Beach, VA, we work hard to give your favorite knives sharp, honed edges in less time than you ever thought possible. And when you combine our fast turnarounds with our unparalleled prices, you’ll never want to go anywhere else!

We are happy to sharpen and recondition the following types of knives and cutlery:

  • Filet Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Multi-Blade Knives
  • Serrated Knives
  • Tactical Knives

…And more!

Our Sharpening Services

Using expert methods tailored to your specific knife brand, we sharpen American, Chinese, European, and Japanese knives for both practical and aesthetic purposes. To ensure clean, correct edges, we take into account your precise blade type, condition, and angles, then use a combination of professional tools to deliver flawless results.



are available -call or text for information.- 757-630-9688 

WE ALSO OFFER MAIL IN SERVICE - just box up and mail them to me for sharpening - contact me for shipping details and pricing. - thanks Max.


SHIPPING ADDRESS:   4313 Sandy Bay Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

Our Reconditioning Services

Make your old knives look brand new again with our comprehensive reconditioning services. Starting at as little as $20/knife, we will remove tarnish, grime, rust stains, and more from your knife blade, then apply lubrication to prevent future corrosion. Whether your knife is in need of a quick touch up or a deep polishing, our expert team is at your service today.

DISHWASHERS AND YOUR KNIVES.........Please Note and be aware of the damage that occurs when your knives go into any dishwasher. the soap is VERY VERY HARSH and will leave brown stains and nicks and chips on the edge, but it also attacks the rivets that hold on the handles first, (softer metal).................After we sharpen your blades: there is no guarantee on how long the edge will last if you put them in the DISHWASHER.

no knife company recommends dishwashing your knives

Our Prices


***Disclaimer: Prices Subject to Change without Notice***


FINALLY THESE CAN BE SHARPENED LOCALLY BY Garrett - Birchwood Sharpening: 757-453-5682

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